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Fear and rational story – the heart in fighting martial arts

In competing against martial arts or competing in any sport, excessive emotions will lead to a failure. If too happy, confident, boxers will fail because neglect. If too scared, worried, the boxer will not reach its peak performance.

Why can the mindset affect the results of physical preparation for months? Emotions strongly influence the activity of the heart, the part that determines the durability of a martial artist.

In sports competition, the athlete’s heart rate is calculated by the following simple formula: Maximum heart rate = (220 – age) * 85%. As such, this formula explains why age can affect fitness so much. And the most important task in the distribution and cardio exercise is to slow down the process of reaching the maximum heart rate and lowering the heart rate in the fastest time possible. Because just beyond the maximum heart rate threshold, the body will automatically “turn off” to protect the heart. This is the phenomenon of exhaustion.

When scared, the heart rate goes up. When starting to enter the match with a towering heart rate, meaning that boxer was closer to about “tired”. When you get tired, the ability to recover – lower your heart rate after each minute of rest will be seriously affected. Thus, just because of an initial fear, the boxer just lost his abundant physical advantage at the beginning of the match, and lost the ability to recover after every minute of the break.

Besides, symptoms such as shortness of breath, stress will also make the fighter’s physical condition worse. Naturally, when competing under such conditions, the boxer is no longer awake to make the right decisions.

Not only amateurs will experience the feeling of “fear” when on the radio. As long as a match is big enough, the fighter will always find a reason to fear and worry. World champions are no exception. However, experienced fighters know how to uphold their warrior spirit.

Nỗi sợ hãi và câu chuyện lý trí - con tim trong võ thuật đối kháng

Ways to reduce fear

If for the champions, their fear includes pride, glory and dozens of other things, the worry of the young boxers is quite simple: Fear of pain.

There are many reasons to create fear of pain for new students, including: lack of confidence in the level, lack of experience of punching or opponents looking too scary … The most basic way to overcome Overcoming this fear is intense sparring.

Besides light sparring to hone techniques, heavy sparring sessions will help novice students get used to the pressure. Most importantly, they would realize that the punch wasn’t really as painful as they thought it was, or at least it wasn’t that scary. When new students get used to the punch, they will reduce the load somewhat.

Besides, it is also important for the coach to prepare the right mindset for students. The best thing a coach should do is to help students achieve the highest confidence with the most calm attitude. In addition, underground tasks such as: Must win overwhelming, must KO, must win points will be dumbbells on the boxers’ neck.

Russia couple boxing champion accidentally beaten to death

A Boxing fighter in Russia and his girlfriend, the Russian Kickboxing champion, accidentally took a life just for fighting.

Former Boxing boxer Mikhail Startsev and female Kickboxing champion Liliya Vorogushina were captured by the camera in a car park in Barnual. Accordingly, the pair initially went with another woman (unidentified) to attack a man. It is worth noting that this man had to use a cane to walk. 

After seeing the brawl, another man came in to stop him, protecting the disabled man. However, this person was also attacked and died shortly afterwards.

In the video clip, it is clear that Startsev fell the disabled victim to the ground while others assaulted the victim. After that, Startsev also swung a hit on the person who stopped the Pavel Pokhlov (40 years old, father of 3 children) who fell to the ground and banged his head on the curb.

The victim’s wife, who was also present at the scene of the murder, also injured in the scuffle, posted the images on Instagram shortly thereafter.

On Instagram, she wrote: “Thanks to these animals, my husband, the father of three children is no more! A kind person! One who can’t turn a blind eye to see a disabled person being attacked. ! This man (the disabled man) has to move with a prop, he’s just trying to run away from these bastards. My Pavel has come to help. I want to reconcile them.

But then Vorogushina – a Kickboxing champion and her friend rushed in to attack us. And then later a grueling punch took my husband! Right away! None of these bastards apologized to me or his parents (Pavel). They try to ignore everything and block me on any media”.

On the part of the aforementioned group of aggressive fighters, one was arrested and is likely to face a 15-year prison sentence. 

Mike Tyson was warned by Joshua

Contemporary 4-belt champion Anthony Joshua warns Mike Tyson not to misunderstand strength.

On September 12, legendary Mike Tyson officially returned after 14 years away from the professional stage. Although playing only a friendly match against another famous American puncher, Roy Jones Jr (51 years old), this match has a greater attraction than many contemporary matches, even it can drawing more viewers than the rematch between Fury and Wilder takes place at the end of the year.

The British boxer, Anthony Joshua, who holds 4 heavy belts (WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO), has mixed feelings with the return of his beloved idol: Mike Tyson. He was happy to see one of the most influential fighters in his career, but also worried about the health of the fist turned 54 years old.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the 30-year-old boxer said: “You watched the performance video on social networks and you thought,” He has regained his form, every element of the competition. “But the performance clip (by Mike Tyson) is like a football veteran performing a kicking technique on the crossbar.He had a very good performance during training, those who watched to feel he could return to the heavyweight championship belt, but The reality will be different”.

Advising idols, Joshua continued to shape Tyson not to compete with contemporary boxers. “Tyson started playing at the age of 13. And Jones’ father turned him into a great fist. That’s all I know about them. They shouldn’t compete with young boxers, it’s those who “Lions”. We are taller, stronger, and more helped by modern training technology”.

Previously, Tyson had undergone 12-month training, helping him lose more than 30 kg, now returning to his playing weight, which is why many people recommend him to return to the top of the game. As a top-ranked boxer, Joshua has a strong grasp of the current punches so he doesn’t want to idolize Mike Tyson.

“If Tyson returns to any of his contemporaries, to satisfy his love of the sport. I am very welcome and hope that this will be a highlight to help boxing become more and more popular”, the 30-year-old British boxer closed the interview.