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How strong is Roy Jones Jr, Mike Tyson’s next rival?

For boxing fans, Roy Jones is a legend, a king on maps, but for outsiders, Roy Jones is possibly a weird name. 

Roy Jones Jr, the boxer who once won the world belt in four weight divisions continued to fight until 2018 before declaring his retirement. The American puncher is renowned for its speedy, versatile, yet equally effective attack escape.

Roy Jones, ranked as one of the best boxing champions in the history of boxing in the world, has been the dominant star on the P4P charts since the 1990s. Midweight junior until the peak time of semi heavy weight. 

In 1999, Roy Jones joined the semi-heavy WBA, WBC and IBF belts to become the absolute champions. In 2003, Roy Jones also beat John Ruiz, then WBA heavyweight champion, to become the next heavyweight champion. 

Roy Jones Jr. captivates audiences with pace moves, crazy coloring tricks and even centimeter corner twists. Roy Jones’ fighting style is peculiar, with bizarre blows that are far from traditional boxing. Owing to such an innate beauty, he is a one-time boxing world superstar.

In the past, many fans have asked whether Roy Jones could beat Mike Tyson, only regretting that Roy Jones’ most prolific time was when Mike Tyson went to prison. Continuously and start to drop into the form. Therefore even though they were just three years apart, they never had the chance to challenge each other. 

Upcoming Roy Jones will face Mike Tyson in a fun 8-match match

It’s worth noting that Mike Tyson has only returned after 15 years of retirement, and Roy Jones is still persistent until 2018 and still has a KO against young opponents. In terms of advantage, Roy Jones seems to be the leading player in the coming game.

Before the fight, Mike Tyson was more appreciative of the betting community because of his physical advantage and superior knockout capability. On the opposite, Roy Jones’ win percentage was in favour of the next half due to the benefit of stamina due to his daily practice and competitiveness in recent years.

List of perfect places to bet on boxing at the bookmakers

Boxing betting is now drawing a lot of people’s interest. While it does not include other topics, there are also a variety of players who are warmly accepted. 

So we’re going to help you learn about boxing odds at bookmakers

What’s boxing betting? 

In professional boxing, boxers will be split into various weight classes based on their condition of rank, with a limit of 12 innings per game. The match will be rated victory or loss when the fighter is Knocked out if one cannot KO in 12 innings and the fighter with the highest score wins the referee squad.

Basic way to play a boxing betting game 

The tactical draw is where the referee ends the game before the fifth round of play begins; for some reason other than Knockout. 

Knockout is where the fighter is lost and can’t stand up to end the game after 10 hours of the referee’s count. A technical knockout is to eliminate an opponent in one of the first three knockouts or where the referee interferes. 

In addition, the knock-out strategy is also the case when the coaching staff of one of the two boxers gives up in the corner column; whether the match is resumed and the referee’s score is determined to win or lose; or the match is ruled to have not taken place. 

Technical decisions are those that are on the scorecard of the referees at the point the match is over. 

Styles of bets on the boxing betting 

Moneyline betting: is the most basic method of betting, equivalent to win-loss betting in other topics, with players guessing the winner in the whole game. In this type, you should have basic knowledge about the players involved in the match to make the correct betting decisions. 

Over Betting: in this format, the bettor will try to guess the number of rounds of the contest or the cumulative number of points that the fighter will earn in that match. In professional boxing competitions, there will usually be 10 to 12 innings and the dealer will base this rule on the unique milestones set for this bet. 

Parlay: Players can gamble on an all-win outcome for the whole series. Therefore, if a draw happens, the team will forfeit the cumulative sum of the bet.