Boxing News: Common Aspects of the Game

Boxing is an old sport that has grown to become among the top earner for professional pugilists. Besides attaining an Olympic sport status, boxing is organized in local and international mini-tournaments as well as significant money bouts. For beginners, the sport may look complicated and violent. However, boxing is among the most gentlemanly sport despite recording several ugly incidents. In this article, get some facts on this game of the ring.

Common Rules of Boxing

Boxing, like any other sport, is played under a set of rules. This is in a bid to ensure that players engage in a safe environment. Some of the conventional rules include the rule on which part of the body is forbidden from hits. Strictly, hitting below the belt is not allowed and attracts harsh wrath and penalties. The game is also played in rounds that last a few minutes. Generally, the rounds do not exceed twelve. However, the game may be called off before the twelfth round if either boxer suffers a knock-out defeat or is in danger.

Weight Divisions and Health

Boxing contests are conducted under a category of weights. Boxers must fall between a particular weight range to give players a fair playing ground. Before the bouts take place, players must undergo a medical examination to ascertain their weight but most importantly, to check the boxers general health and fitness. Boxing involves heavy knocks and a fighter in poor health condition may lead to fatal cases in the ring. Boxers should, therefore, strive to attain the highest levels of physical and mental health.

Rule Enforcement in the Ring

A boxing game may degenerate into fierce, personal contests against the rules of the sport. To forestall such an eventuality, the referee is inside the ring with the players. He can spot infringement, fouls calling the concerned player out. The referee also signals the start and the end of a contest.