History of boxing – interesting things you should know

History of boxing – interesting things you should know

Boxing-martial arts and blood stones in the pit. Many people believe this is a new martial art without thinking that it is a conventional martial art that has been around for a long time.

Boxing is also known as boxing in the East. According to some sources, boxing dates back to ancient times, in northern Africa around 4000 BC and the Mediterranean region around 1500 BC, in Greece around 900 BC and in ancient Rome around 500 years AD. And in Mesopotamia, the Greek antiquity of 3700 BC, there was wrestling, considered a precursor of boxing.

Martial arts deteriorated, did not grow, and started to dominate again in 1750 BC. At this time, boxing also took place with the inclusion of people from all walks of life. In Greece at the time, boxing was a martial sport that was loved by its appeal. 

Even boxers are fitted with extra equipment, such as leather belts or iron wire, to beat the opponent more easily and improve the appeal of the fight. The rules of the game are very harsh, the game only ends until one person can no longer play. The theme appears to be more and more merciless, so the Roman emperor Theodosius I issued a ban on this discipline in 404 BC.

By the sixteenth century, in England, boxing had again been the favorite subject of the middle and upper classes in the Renaissance movement. Boxing sport has been returned under simple competition laws and is called boxing or boxing means British boxing. 

By 1904, boxing became the focus of rivalry at the Olympic Games. The Boxing Union was founded in 1920 and made this sport more professional.

There is an adage of boxing that says, ‘Models make fights.’ 

This means that each fighter has their own style of play, and based on the style of the opponent, each pair may have different outcomes. The winner is typically the one who forces his opponent to compete. If you’re a brutal fighter, make sure you’re still going forward and in attack mode.