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Who’s Mike Tyson and Mike Tyson’s famous bite ? (Part 1)

He is the youngest heavyweight boxer in boxing history to hold the WBC, WBA, IBF championships in a row in this category. 

Mike Tyson is also the first one to win the Knockout Teenage Olympics

Mike Tyson‘s real name is Michael Gerard Tyson, born on June 30, 1966, a retired American boxer. 

Tyson was born in Brooklyn, New York City, USA. He has a sibling named Rodney who is five years older. His sister Denise died of heart disease at the age of 24 in 1990.

Father Mike left his mother and daughter after Tyson was born and his mother took care of him. Then Kirkpatrick- Father Mike Tyson died back in 1992. 

Tyson’s family lived in Bedford-Stuyvesant, but moved to Brownsville due to financial hardship when he was 10 years old. And six years after his mother died at the age of 16, Mike was run by a boxing promoter called Cus D’Amato, who became Mike’s legal guardian.

Most of Mike Tyson’s youth has been in juvenile jail or hanging around with links with these locations. Bobby Stewart recognised Tyson as a special fighter and trained Mike for a few months before taking him to Cus D’Amato (this is a man who profoundly shaped the thought and career of Mike Tyson’s life, Mike’s style logo is made up of this man).

Mike was an absolute heavyweight boxing champion, the youngest boxer ever to win the WBC, WBA and IBF championships at the age of 20, 4 months and 22 days. 

Tyson is known both inside and outside the ring for his ferocious and threatening boxing style as well as his controversial behavior. Nicknamed “The Baddest Man on the Planet” “Kid Dynamite” and “Iron Mike” Tyson is generally recognized as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. 

He ranked 16th in the 100 Greatest Punches of All Time in the Ring, and No. 1 in the category of “strongest puncher in heavy boxing history” on ESPN.com.